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Tips for a Healthy Microbiome this Summer

Tips for a Healthy Microbiome this Summer

Kate Wilke

Although we want to maintain a healthy microbiome all year, summer is a time when gut health is at the front of our minds. As we increase our activity level and shed our winter layers to head to the beach, the last thing we want to worry about is an upset digestive tract. Try these tips for a healthy microbiome to help you feel confident that your gut health is in optimal condition so you can feel energized, playful, and happy all summer long!

Soak Up the Sun

Did you know just ten minutes in the sun with a tank and shorts can provide you with plenty of vitamin D? Plan to spend a lot of time outside this summer to increase your vitamin D levels for cellular growth and repair. Vitamin D plays a huge role in the communication between your body and your microbiome, which is crucial to your overall health and wellbeing.

Take Some Time to Chill

We’ve discussed the connection between stress and poor gut health (, and we can’t “stress” enough the importance of reducing stress to heal your microbiome. This summer head to your city’s yoga in the park classes, try meditation, take a break to lay in the hammock with a good book, and simply carve out time to bring your body into a relaxed state.

Chew your Food

One of the easiest habits you can pick up is to chew your food completely before swallowing. This allows your body to better digest the food. Drink a full glass of water 30 minutes before eating to give your digestive system a wake-up call in preparation for food. Try to avoid drinking while eating to not disrupt the digestion process.

Sleep In

Challenge yourself to more sleeping time this summer. You want to sleep at least get 7.5 hours every night, but aim for 8-9. Poor sleep habits can lead to distress in the gut, and your body needs time to rebuild itself at the end of each day. While you sleep restfully, your body is at work restoring itself to help you wake up healthier and happier every day. Don’t skimp on sleep, or you’ll be limiting your gut from achieving overall health.

Stock Up on Prebiotic Rich Foods at your Local Farmers Market

Head to the farmers market this summer to load up on prebiotic-rich plant fiber. Fruit like papaya and pineapple are full of gut-friendly fiber, and they happen to make excellent smoothie additions. Also keep an eye out for prebiotic-rich leafy greens and dandelion greens, as well as jicama, Jerusalem artichoke, and asparagus. 

Get Serious about Probiotics

Taking a daily probiotic should be a no-brainer. This is one of the easiest ways to improve your microbiome health by adding billions of beneficial bacteria and fungi to your gut. Both eating a prebiotic-rich diet and taking a prebiotic will feed the probiotics in your gut to create the optimal gut condition so you can feel your best all summer (and year) long.

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