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Ancient Nutrition | Getting Started with Your BIOHM Testing Kit

Getting Started with Your Ancient Nutrition Testing Kit

Just received a Ancient Nutrition fecal collection kit? You may be wondering what the service provides and how to get started. 

To get started with the Ancient Nutrition testing experience and receive your results, you will first need to complete a few steps. 

Step 1: Register Your Kit

Creating an account and registering your kit to that account links your sample with your profile and allows your results to be provided securely online. If you are participating with family members, you will each need to register your own kit

Step 2: Provide Your Fecal Sample

Once your kit is registered, review the directions included in your kit before providing your sample. Following sample collection instructions will help ensure the quality and viability of your DNA. We recommend that you ship your collected sample to the laboratory at your earliest convenience.

Step 3: Mail Your Kit

Domestic return shipping is prepaid at the time that a kit is purchased. Once you have registered your kit and provided your sample, drop the package off at any US Postal Service Mail Box. The box is already pre-addressed.