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Ancient Nutrition | Has My Sample Reached the Lab?

Has My Sample Reached the Lab?

 Important: We are currently working to upgrade the computer systems at our laboratory and you will now be able to track the status of you sample through your Ancient Nutrition BIOHM Testing account. We will do our best to return results within our processing estimate, however, there may be a delay in returning reports to you.

In general our timeline for extracting, sequencing and creating your wellness recommendation is approximately 6 weeks.
  • Samples typically reach the lab within 2-4 weeks of being mailed. To track your kit's progress to the lab, a return tracking link is available on your testing kit.
  • It can take the lab up to 6 to 8 weeks to complete the DNA extraction and gene sequencing.

Delivered vs. Received
  • There is typically a delay between the time a sample is marked as "delivered" on the tracking information and the time it is scanned as “received” by the lab. Occasionally, this delay can exceed 1 week. A kit is marked as “received” by our system when it is physically opened at the lab and the registration ID is logged.
  • It is not unusual for kits shipped on the same day to be received at the lab at different times.

Unregistered Samples
  • If you mail an unregistered sample to the lab it will NOT be processed. Since BIOHM will have no way of knowing who the sample belongs too, we cannot process any unregistered samples. In the case a sample arrives to the lab unregistered, the sample will be stored to ensure the quality of the sample until registration is complete. To receive the results, you must register your kit via the online registration portal at
  • Learn more about registering your sample