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Is Your Gut Broken Or Does It Just Need A Good Scrubbing?

BIOHM Reset Regimen, proven to destroy digestive plaque while restoring & optimizing your gut.

Regimen includes

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60-Day Money Back Guarantee 

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BIOHM reset review

Digestive Plaque: The Hidden Enemy Disrupting Your Gut’s Balance

How BIOHM destroys Digestive Plaque

What we’ve discovered is…

that bad bacteria and fungi actually work together to create a thick film along our gut’s lining called digestive plaque.

Not only that, but digestive plaque actually acts as a protective shield covering bad bacteria and fungi.

Fully protected from probiotic germs, and even medications, the protected bad bacteria and fungi can wreak havoc on our digestive systems.

It’s very much like plaque on our teeth. But it’s not the plaque that causes issues with our gums and teeth.

It’s the germs that are hidden underneath the plaque that are the real culprits.

You can brush all you want, but if you don’t break down oral plaque, germs can keep working away at your teeth and gums.

So you may be asking, "How do you know all this?"

Well, I was lucky enough to be the scientist that discovered how bacteria and fungi come together in our guts to form digestive plaque.

While we had known for decades that bacteria and fungi keep each other in check, the real breakthrough was my realization that they were literally working together to protect themselves.

Microbiologically, it actually makes a lot of sense for bacteria and fungi to cooperate, because digestive plaque allows the germs to become resistant to antimicrobial drugs (like antibiotics)

Amazingly, digestive plaque actually allows the protected germs to change, allowing fungi to become more pathogenic and bacteria to develop antibacterial tolerance.

Put simply, underneath digestive plaque, bad germs actually become exponentially more powerful and therefore much harder to control.

When I was developing BIOHM, a probiotic specifically designed to target digestive plaque, we used a two-pronged approach:

First, we identified an enzyme that's been shown to have the ability to inhibit the growth of plaques (biofilms).

What we found was that when we infused it into our formula, it worked synergistically with our bacterial and fungal strains, which allowed it to break down digestive plaques.

Next, we selected probiotic strains that were proven to prevent bad germs from being able to come together and form biofilms.

The combination of infusing BIOHM with enzymatic action using strains that are inherently biofilm-resistant, resulted in BIOHM's ability to break down digestive biofilm.

So there you have it. Digestive plaque.

A scientifically wondrous but devastating phenomenon that’s percolating in our guts.

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