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World Renowned Scientist Discovers
Plaque In The Human Gut!

Watch the video above and make sure your sound is on.

Is your gut broken or does it just need a good scrubbing?

The problem may be something you’re all too familiar with…plaque.

Digestive plaque to be specific.

Similar to the plaque that forms on your teeth, this thick film protects bad bacteria and fungi lurking underneath, as they work against your gut’s lining…

World Renowned Scientist Dr. Ghannoum, discovered that bad bacteria and fungi work together to form digestive plaque in our gut (known scientifically as biofilm).

Dr. Ghannoum discovered digestive plaque during an NIH-funded clinical trial on the microbiome at one of America’s top 25 medical research institutions.

Watch the video above, where Dr. Ghannoum explains digestive plaque, and how it specifically impacts your gut health.

Digestive Plaque: The Hidden Enemy Disrupting Your Gut’s Balance

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