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Dr. Ghannoum BIOHM

He Called Me With The Big News.

"CBS News just called me about my research!”

My dad, Dr Mahmoud Ghannoum, couldn’t believe it.

In his 40 plus years of scientific research, he’d never had a study truly garner worldwide attention.  

Sure Stanford had ranked him amongst the top 0.1% of researchers in his field, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t very often that people beyond the medical community were interested in fungi research.

But his discovery that fungus in the gut exacerbated digestive issues was spreading like wild fire.

Digestive Biofilms BIOHM Health

And that had real implications for anyone dealing with gut health issues.

Specifically, that bad bacteria and fungi in our guts work together to protect each other.

They do this by creating digestive biofilms, building up along the intestinal wall, and disturbing the balance of the gut’s microbiome.

For people dealing with severe digestive issues, biofilms seemed to intensify the devastating symptoms they experienced.

It also suggested that biofilm was a likely culprit when it came to many common digestive health issues.

Within hours of the publication going live, he literally heard from thousands of people dealing with a whole range of digestive problems.

Very quickly my father went from elation to frankly being overwhelmed.

It wasn’t so much the attention, but rather the seemingly unending stream of people that were reaching out, desperately hoping he could somehow help them or someone they loved who was suffering.

We talked about the study, the interview requests that continued to trickle in, which ones he should respond to, which he shouldn’t, and the countless people that had reached out to him.

Hearing the very personal stories of how digestive issues impacted peoples’ lives was really weighing on him.

Here he had made a major breakthrough in digestive health, but he felt useless when it came to being able to actually help these people.

But…he had an idea he wanted to talk about.

Forbes BIOHM Gut Test

He took a folded piece of paper out of his shirt pocket and handed it to me.

It was an email from a woman in Sweden.

Through several paragraphs, this poor mother shared how her two sons, both suffering from Crohn’s disease, were wilting before her eyes.

Her once robust sons, had been reduced to shadows of themselves, with one of them being admitted to the ICU nine times.

She was desperately seeking my father’s help after talking to doctors all over Europe to no avail.

She even offered to fly her sons to meet him at his lab at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine (one of the top 25 medical research institutions in the United States).  

I noticed my father had highlighted a sentence at the bottom of the email. "Or maybe there's a possibility to have tests sent to you...?"

“What do you think?” My dad said.

“What do you mean?” I wasn’t quite getting where he was going.

“What if we could help this woman and others like her?

What if we could make it so anyone who wanted to improve their gut health, could do that through having access to our science?  

“Here we go.” I thought. And away we went.

Dr. Ghannoum

After his discovery in 2016, we launched BIOHM,

The first company to create probiotics and microbiome tests that address both the bacteria AND fungi in the gut.

BIOHM’s products (and the role of fungi in our guts) have been covered by Forbes, NPR, Scientific American, ABC News, Women’s Health, the Washington Post and hundreds of other outlets.  

In fact the Washington Post recently called my father “the leading microbiome researcher in the world.”

How BIOHM works, Digestive Plaque

So what’s the BIOHM difference?

Pretty simple: if there are specific bad bacteria and fungi causing issues in your gut, why not create a probiotic that neutralizes the bad guys?

And that’s just what we did.

BIOHM probiotic

Our BIOHM Probiotic is a Patent-Pending Formulation Based on my Father’s Science,

Which combines good bacteria, good fungi and a digestive enzyme that break down the bad guys responsible for creating digestive biofilm in the gut.

The past few years have truly been a whirlwind.

But the best part has been seeing how exciting it’s been for my father to see his science come out of the lab, and into the homes of tens of thousands of people across America.

And it all started with an email from a mother in Sweden.

Someone reaching out in desperation, who ended up inspiring us to create a way to help millions.

By that measure alone, we’re already a success.

Afif Ghannoum

If you want to learn more about BIOHM and my father’s research, click the link below!