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BIOHM Gut Test


BIOHM Gut Test

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How It Works

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Gut Test Report Stages

Stage 1

Quality Control

The submitted sample will be checked to ensure it has enough fecal material to be processed and obtain accurate results.

Stage 2

DNA Extraction

Bacterial and fungal DNA are extracted from the sample.

Stage 3

Polymerase Chain Reaction

Millions of copies of the submitted DNA will be generated so that a more accurate measurement can be determined.

Stage 4

Library Preparation

A library of each sample's bacterial and fungal DNA will be prepared and then identified through the sequencing process.

Stage 5


In this final stage of fungal and bacteria sequencing, the microorganisms are identified, summarized and then prepared for a personalized report.

Stage 6

Report Generation

Each unique microbiome profile is compiled, analyzed and then compared to the levels of bacteria and fungi in the normal population.

Stage 7

Wellness Generation

The final report is reviewed by a Microbiome-Trained Registered Nutritionist who will provide wellness recommendations to balance your overall digestive health.

Report & Recommendations

There are 3 sections to your BIOHM Gut Test.

Overall Gut Score

On a scale of 1 to 10, we “grade” your gut microbiome diversity. It’s sort of like a credit score, the higher the better.


In this section we compare your levels of all 6 major bacterial communities and 4 major fungal communities to normal levels. We also provide you with a strain-by-strain analysis of your bacterial and fungal communities.

Actionable Recommendations

In plain English, we explain whether your gut balance is in good shape. We also provide personalized dietary, lifestyle and supplemental recommendations to support your overall digestive health.