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Available purchase options

Here at BIOHM Health, we give our BIOHM Testing Kit customers two different purchase options regarding the review of your report:

Test + Written Recommendations

    We offer a personalized plan, which is a written recommendation from one of BIOHM’s Microbiome-trained Registered Nutritionists. Our Registered Nutritionist will review your results and your BIOHM Lifestyle Questionnaire to provide you with actionable wellness recommendations and insights. Once you receive your results, a BIOHM Registered Nutritionist will get to working on your personalized plan. Once your plan is completed, you will be able to view these recommendations by logging into your BIOHM Testing Kit Portal at

      Test + Live Consult
        We also provide the BIOHM Live Consult, which is a paid, one-on-one 30 minute, phone consultation with one of BIOHM's Microbiome-trained Registered Nutritionists. During the call, one of BIOHM's Registered Nutritionists will walk you through your results, discuss how to implement any recommendations provided, and you will also be able to any questions you might have about taking the next steps to optimizing your gut. Once your results are available, you will be able to schedule your Live Consult by logging into your BIOHM Testing Kit Portal at