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Supporting overall wellness by optimizing gut health.

Our Mission

To empower individuals to take charge of their health through solutions that harness the power of microbiome data.


Science is our core value and the foundation for our future. BIOHM is heavily invested in scientific research and discovery to continue our data-driven innovation.


Every customer is a member of the BIOHM family. Together, we will do everything we can to help you understand your gut and what you need to achieve overall gut health balance.


BIOHM partners with premium manufacturers to source the highest quality strains and ingredients for all of our products.

Our History

Mar 17'

BIOHM Health Launches

BIOHM Health company launches after Dr. Ghannoum’s breakthrough discovery of the roles fungi and Digestive Plaque play in overall gut health. These findings propelled the creation of the BIOHM Probiotic. The BIOHM Gut Test Kit then launched to provide a breakdown analysis of bacterial and fungal levels present in the gut. BIOHM also launched our Prebiotic, Colon Cleanser, Super Greens, and Immunity supplements.
Nov 17'

BIOHM Creates Personalized Wellness Program

BIOHM rolls out personalized wellness recommendations paired with the Gut Test Kit to provide actionable lifestyle, supplemental, and dietary recommendations based on a customer’s specific results and gut health history.
Dec 18'

Gut Testing Kit Portal Goes Live

BIOHM initiates a Gut Testing Kit Portal to create a user-friendly dashboard for registration, results, personalized recommendations, and live consultations.
May 19'

BIOHM Wins NBJ Award for Science & Innovation

BIOHM’s science-centric model, along with its unique products and wellness services and its ongoing contributions to further microbiome study, make this innovative young company a shoo-in for the 2018 NBJ Award for Science and Innovation.
Nov 19'

Clean Energy Supplement Joins BIOHM Product Line

BIOHM expands their existing product line with a new, scientifically engineered formulation that optimizes your gut and provides all natural energy by combining our Super Greens formula with Yerba Mate Extract, Vitamin B12, and Matcha Green Tea. Plus, it contains BIOHM's powerful probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes — and it tastes delicious!

Why BIOHM Health?

BIOHM is one of the world’s leading microbiome companies utilizing microbiome data to empower individuals to live healthier lives. Our first BIOHM Probiotic supplement was designed to specifically counter Digestive Plaque found in the gut. We have since expanded our line of microbiome data-powered products to include more probiotic and prebiotic supplements, as well as a personalized Gut Test that helps each individual.