Frequently Asked Questions

What makes BIOHM different from other Probiotics?

Formulated by a preeminent scientist and researcher, BIOHM is the FIRST and ONLY probiotic engineered to address the critical role fungus plays in digestive health.

Why do other probiotics only offer a partial solution to digestive balance?

Right now, all other probiotics on the market address only a fraction of the issue. When you only maintain the good bacteria in the gut, fungus is allowed to flourish causing digestive imbalance, which ultimately can affect digestive health. BIOHM is the next generation of probiotics that promotes total balance in the digestive tract.

Who should use BIOHM?

BIOHM is a probiotic for anyone who wants to support a healthy gut and promote digestive wellness, immunity and nutrient absorption.

For the more than 15% of Americans suffer from gastrointestinal related challenges. BIOHM provides the following benefits:

  • Breaks down digestive plaque
  • Maintains total intestinal flora
  • Relieves occasional upset stomach
  • Alleviates issues related to occasional gas, including:
    • Bloating
    • Pressure
    • Fullness
  • Relieves occasional diarrhea
  • Relieves occasional bowel irritation
  • Helps support immune health
  • Helps breakdown lactose
  • Helps support overall digestive health

What are the ingredients in BIOHM?

BIOHM contains B. breve, L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, S. boulardii and Amylase. The capsule is vegetarian and does not contain soy, or gluten.

How/when do I take BIOHM?

Simply take one capsule of BIOHM on a daily basis. You can take BIOHM with or without food and at any time of the day. That’s it!

Can I use HSA or FSA to pay for BIOHM Products and Tests?

Depending on your provider, BIOHM may be eligible to be covered under the HSA or FSA. Typically, providers require that your doctor writes a Letter of Medical Necessity, which is then submitted to your provider for review and determination. Please be sure to check with your specific administrator in order to confirm if BIOHM is a covered service or an eligible expense for HSA or FSA, and the specific process you must go through in order to have BIOHM reviewed by your provider for HSA or FSA eligibility.

Should I be taking the colon cleanser, prebiotic and probiotic together?

Typically, we suggest first taking the colon cleanser for a few days and then to start the prebiotic and probiotic a few days later. You can take the prebiotic and probiotic together, and with or without food. And when you take them is a personal preference!

I’m having difficulty with the size of the BIOHM capsule. Can I open the capsule and take the formulation without the capsule?

Yes! The probiotic itself is enteric coated so it's protected even without the capsule. Feel free to open the capsule and mix it in your yogurt, porridge, juice, etc.

How many live cultures are in BIOHM?

Each BIOHM capsule contains 30 billion live cultures of our patent-pending formulation of good bacteria and good fungi.

What sets BIOHM apart from other probiotics containing S. Boulardi?

What sets BIOHM apart is that it’s not just about containing S. Boulardi, but combining it with bacterial strains in ratios that our team spent months optimizing. We then infused the entire formulation with an enzyme that actually breaks down digestive plaque. Absolutely no other probiotic has been proven to do that!

What is in BIOHM's formulation?

BIOHM’s patent-pending tri-action formulation contains good bacteria (B. breve, L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus), good fungus (S. boulardii), and a powerful enzyme (Amylase) that breaks down digestive plaque. Think of it as the engine that powers BIOHM.

Why only 30 billion cultures in BIOHM?

More does not necessarily equal better. Our scientists engineered BIOHM for optimal effective in both maintaining digestive balance and breaking down digestive plaque. We found that 30 billion cultures were the perfect number to that. So, to us, optimal importance trumps having the most cultures.

What is digestive plaque?

Like the plaque on teeth, digestive plaque protects bad bacteria and bad fungi as they work to upset the balance of your digestive system. BIOHM, powered by PathoBiome 30B Technology, is the first performance probiotic developed to break down digestive plaque, and re-balance your gut's total microbiome (your body’s ecosystem of microorganisms.)

Does BIOHM survive into the digestive tract?

Yes! We specially formulated BIOHM to include a special coating that protects the live cultures as they make the harsh journey through your system and into your digestive tract alive. It’s a process called enteric coating.

How do you make sure BIOHM’s cultures stay alive in the packaging?

BIOHM jars were specifically engineered with resin that is heat-resistant, which allows BIOHM’s live cultures to not get overheated and die. That helps ensure that every single capsule is teeming with 30 billion live cultures when you swallow them!

How quickly will I feel BIOHM working?

Results will differ from person to person, since each person’s gut balance is different. However, some of our customers notice changes within the first couple of days, while others make take a couple of weeks before noticing these changes.

Does BIOHM need to be refrigerated?

No. BIOHM does not require refrigeration.

How do you ensure that BIOHM's probiotic strains are alive if the product does not require refrigeration?

BIOHM probiotic strains do not need refrigeration because during manufacturing, they undergo a freeze drying process. Freeze drying is the preferred method for transporting and storing microorganism strains. BIOHM's probiotic strains are freeze dried with a slow and controlled temperature drop to guarantee that the strains are not damaged.

Does BIOHM contain fillers, flow agents, artificial colors, GMO or non organic ingredients?

No! At BIOHM, we’ve painstakingly formulated our probiotics from the ground up, to ensure they only contain the best strains of cultures, enzymes and ingredients available, and do not include anything else, period.

Where are BIOHM's probiotic strains sourced from?

All of BIOHM's probiotic strains are sourced from the American Culture Collection. To learn more about the American Culture Collection, click here.

Who created BIOHM?

BIOHM was created by Dr. Ghannoum, the preeminent microbiome scientist in the United States and lectures at institutions, such as the NIH, on the microbiome and his probiotic breakthroughs.

After making the breakthrough discovery that bad bacteria and bad fungus work together to create digestive plaque (a discovery covered globally by outlets such as CBS News, Scientific American, Forbes and USA Today), Dr. Ghannoum realized that probiotics currently available neither addressed the role fungus plays in the gut, or digestive plaque. As a result, he created BIOHM to be the first complete probiotic that addresses the gut’s total microbiome.

As the acclaimed scientist who named the Mycobiome (the body’s fungal community), Dr. Ghannoum has spent his entire academic career studying medically important fungi and has received over $25 million in National Institutes of Health funding for his research. He has also raised over $20 million in venture capital for several successful biotechnology companies.

Dr. Ghannoum has published more than 400 peer-reviewed articles and has been cited 16,000 times by other scientists, with coverage in CBS News, Forbes, Scientific American, USA Today, ABC News. Dr. Ghannoum lectures to the National Institute of Health (NIH) and has been a NIH-funded researcher since 1993 with $25 million in funding to date.

Is BIOHM Made in the United States?

Yes! BIOHM is manufactured in the US in an FDA-audited facility.

Are BIOHM’s capsules vegetarian?

Yes! BIOHM capsules are 100% vegetarian.

How can I cancel my subscription?

All BIOHM Subscriptions may be cancelled/modified at any time by logging into your BIOHM account clicking through the subscription portal link. Here you will find each of your active subscriptions and can modify or cancel them at your own will. Please note that an account is not required to place an order. If you did not create an account, all subscribers receive a reminder email 3 days before each renewal notifying you that your active subscription is about to trigger. This email also provides a link directly to your subscription portal to manage each subscription. Cancellations/modifications must be made before 11:59PM EST the day before your renewal order processes. Once your order processes, it cannot be cancelled or modified. If you cancel/modify your subscription after the order has processed, your cancellation/modification will take effect after that ship date.

Any other interesting facts we should know about BIOHM?

BIOHM is offering a new “gut sequencing” option for consumers. BIOHM's Gut Report will show consumers exactly which microorganisms are in their gut through our DNA deep sequencing analysis of your microbiome (your body’s native eco-system made of microorganisms). They will also receive a complete overview of the microorganisms found in healthy human participants in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Human Microbiome project, which was undertaken by NIH to identify and characterize the microorganisms found in the human body.

How do I interpret my BIOHM Gut Report & what do I do?

First, BIOHM does provide a handbook that gives you a glossary overview of each of the species that are found in your gut, to give you a starting point to understand the significance of any particular species (ie is it good, bad, something to keep an eye on, what it's often associated with, etc).

From there, it really is going to depend because each person's gut is different, and can be impacted by various factors, so the test will not tell you "you need to do x in order to adjust y species" because frankly, no test can tell you that, and any test that does, you should be concerned about trusting, because it's impossible to know without knowing your personal medical and nutritional history.

This isn't unique to the BIOHM Gut Report, in fact, it's the case with many tests. Take a cholesterol test. If we test you and you get a 200 back, and then you ask us "what now?" We would say, we have no idea. Do you eat pizza every night? Are you a vegan but have a history of high cholesterol? Obviously each of those would require very different approaches to lowering your cholesterol.

So the way to think of the BIOHM Gut Report is as a way to give you insights that you have never previously had access to, in order to make an informed decision about how best to optimize your gut balance. Also, just to clarify, while we have great products, we are totally agnostic as to whether you use BIOHM products after you take the test. We would much prefer it if all you had to do was adjust your diet somehow and avoid having to take a probiotic, or in some cases medication.

What sequencing technologies do other companies utilize and how does BIOHM compare?

As a company policy we do not comment on other companies. So a couple of things. First, for bacteria we use 16-S sequencing, which is the standard in bacteria.

For fungi, we use ITS sequencing, which is bleeding edge technology in the industry.

Now a few things to keep in mind. It's not as simple as plugging a sequencing machine in and sequencing the microbiome. These tests have to be optimized and standardized over years of sequencing. So while there are many companies out there that are popping up, our lab has been doing this for years for the NIH and global pharma companies.

Also, Dr. Ghannoum's lab has over 30,000 clinical species of fungi in its collection, one of the largest collections in the world, and we believe the largest in the US outside of the CDC. Having that collection allows us to optimize our sequencing unlike anyone else. In fact, CDC has reached out to Dr Ghannoum to borrow species they don't have in the past.

Through that, I feel comfortable saying our expertise is unparalleled.

Additionally, there is a difference between being able to reliably (key point) detect various things, and those things actually meaning anything.

For example, you'll hear the term metabolites being bandied around quite a bit.

The science is so incredibly early on what they actually do, or what impact they have, that it really is basically useless data, even if it's reliable. So while we could whip out tests to detect all sorts of stuff, our philosophy is that we would prefer to stick to a. what we know we can reliably detect, b. what is actually going to be useful to you. Hope that makes sense.

What genetic information are we gathering?

We complete a straightforward analysis of the biota of the gut's bacteria and fungi. Specifically, the BIOHM Gut Report process sequences the microbial DNA in your fecal sample to look for specific markers that are present in different microbial groups such as phylum and species levels of bacteria and fungi. Put more simply, the DNA analysis is of the microorganisms in your gut.

How will I receive my BIOHM Gut Report and/or BIOHM Candida Report results?

Once your results are available, they will be e-mailed to the e-mail address on file. This e-mail will come from

What is the difference between the BIOHM Gut Report and the BIOHM Candida Report?

The Gut Report includes Bacterial & Fungal strains, while the Candida Report only shows Candida strains. The BIOHM Gut Report Kit will include Candida analysis but it will only show levels of the following Candida strains: Candida spp., Candida albicans, Candida tropicalis. The Candida Test goes more in depth into various Candida strains found in your microbiome. So, it would just be a personal preference as to whether you wanted to see more in-depth information regarding Candida species, specifically, or an over-all view of both bacteria and fungi found in the gut (the BIOHM Gut Report Kit).

Should I collect my sample before I start my BIOHM supplement products?

It would be a personal preference as to whether you would like to start taking your BIOHM products before you collect your sample. If you'd like to see a snapshot of your what your microbiome looks like without using the products, you could wait until you have collected your sample to begin taking them. It would be a personal preference as to how you would like to see your microbiome (with, or without supplementation).

Step 1. in my kit directions says to complete the BIOHM Lifestyle Questionnaire. What is the link to the questionnaire?

Gut Report Lifestyle Questionnaire - Candida Report Lifestyle Questionnaire -

I’m having trouble inserting the Dual Swab from my kit into the Collection & Transport Tube. What do I do?

Please twist and pull off the existing white cap on the end of the sample Collection & Transport Tube. One you collect your sample, please insert the dual swab into the sample Collection & Transport Tube. The purple cap on the dual swab will then become the cap to secure the tube.

What are the different purchase options for the BIOHM Test Kits?

Here at BIOHM Health, we give our BIOHM Testing Kit customers two different purchase options regarding the review of your report: We offer a complimentary (free), personalized plan, which is a written recommendation from one of BIOHM’s Registered Nutritionists. Our Registered Nutritionist will review your results and your BIOHM Lifestyle Questionnaire to provide you with actionable wellness recommendations and insights. Once you receive your results, a BIOHM Registered Nutritionist will get to working on your personalized plan and will e-mail it over to you once it has been completed! This purchase option is the first one on the BIOHM Test Kit product pages, labeled, "Test + Personalized Plan." We also provide the BIOHM Live Consult, which is a paid, one-on-one 30 minute, phone consultation with a member of our BIOHM Wellness Team. During the call, one of BIOHM's Registered Nutritionists will walk you through your results, discuss how to implement any recommendations provided, and you will also be able to any questions you might have about taking the next steps to optimizing your gut. Once a BIOHM Live Consult is purchased, a member of the BIOHM Wellness Team will be reaching out to you, via e-mail, to correlate this call either before or after you receive your results. This purchase option is the second and third option on the BIOHM Test Kit product pages, labeled, "Test + Live Consult," and "Test + Live Consult + Probiotic."

I opted in to receive a complimentary written recommendation. How long will it take to receive this information?

Since the complimentary written recommendations are personalized, please allow our team 1-2 weeks to review your results and BIOHM Lifestyle Questionnaire. Once your recommendation is completed, it will be e-mailed to the e-mail address on file.