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3 Steps to Boost Your Digestive Health in the Morning [INFOGRAPHIC]

3 Steps to Boost Your Digestive Health in the Morning

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We can all agree; mornings are not always the easiest time of day. Waking up late and groggy, however, can set both our digestive tract and daily mentality up for disaster. Do both your gut and your coworkers a favor and take control of your morning routine.

Rather than making mornings the enemy, embrace this time of day as a time to focus on yourself and prepare to take charge of the day. While we know this is easier said than done, our friend Rebecca shares her 3 go-to steps to help ease into the wake up process and boost digestive health in the morning.

3 Steps to Boost Digestive Health in the Morning

Rebecca Butcher

Good morning! So you’ve rolled out of bed late and you barely have enough time to shower, get ready, eat, make coffee and gather yourself before the day ahead, but what about your digestive tract?

Running out of the house without starting the digestive process can lead to more significant issues than having to worry about ‘going’ when you’re outside of your element (i.e., your home bathroom). 

Neglecting the process can cause discomfort and constipation in the short-term, but the long-term effects can be far worse than having to use a public restroom. For many, including myself, a lack of a morning routine can cause easy weight gain and a weak immune system. 

So, how do we stay consistent and give our digestive tract the love it needs so it’ll love us back?

Here’s my 3-step daily routine to get my body and digestive tract moving:

1. DON’T hit snooze:

I know what you’re thinking – “don’t make me get up any earlier” –  BUT instead of going back to sleep, wake up by starting slow. This is important when you're trying to get yourself set in a good routine. Stretching is the perfect way to wake up your body without having to get going right away. A morning stretch naturally wakes up your body and your mind will follow. It’s a good way to ease into your day - kind of like hitting snooze without that "OMG! I OVERSLEPT AND NOW I’M LATE" feeling.

I usually spend 20 minutes performing different stretches that focus on major muscle groups including hamstrings, glutes, quads, back and neck muscles.

You can follow along with this video:

2. Drink your ~lemon~ water:

Some mornings I want to lay around all day! I'm sure you know the feeling, but after you’ve rolled around for at least 10 minutes, gently start to move away from that comfy spot and get yourself some warm lemon water. This process is considered a gentle detox for your gut, flushing your system of waste and providing a boost of vitamin C and minerals. Make sure this is the first thing (other than water) that hits your system in the morning.

BIOHM gut quiz

3. Brew it up:

Coffee! – my first love, is always a vital morning must for me. The smell and sound of it brewing makes me happy and helps jump-start my wake up process, in case my body isn’t quite ready to make moves…

If you find you're sensitive to coffee, Matcha is a great alternative that can help jump-start your metabolism too. You can find Matcha powder on Amazon or at Whole Foods, but it can be expensive! 

Don't forget to download, save, or share this handy infographic for reference:

3 Steps to Boost Your Digestive Health in the Morning

Finally, make sure you’ve taken your probiotics to optimize your gut health, and then you’ll be on your way out the door!

3 Steps to Boost Your Digestive Health in the Morning

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