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7 Signs Your Gut Is Out Of Balance

7 Signs Your Gut Is Out Of Balance

Feeling meh, but not sure why? When you know something is off internally, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. There are so many different reasons that could explain why you don’t feel well, and it can feel impossible to determine the cause of your ailment.

 A good place to start is looking at gut health. The gut truly determines that state of your overall health, and if something is going wrong there, you’ll likely feel it in your entire body and mood.

 Here are seven signs that your gut is out of balance to help you determine if healing your microbiome is the solution to making you feel better again!

  1.  You’re constipated
    We’ll start with the uncomfortable one first. It’s not always fun to talk about your bowel movements (or lack of them), but looking at your poop is the best way to tell when something is off. If you’re struggling to have regular bowel movements, your gut health may be out of whack. Try adding a probiotic daily and increasing the amount of plant fiber you consume.

  2.  You experience bloating or gas
    Experiencing bloating and/or gas is another definite way to tell if something is wrong. Contrary to popular belief, these are not normal symptoms after you eat, and they can be indicators that something is a little off internally.

  3.  You have loose stools or diarrhea
    Ever have to run straight to the bathroom after you eat? If you are experiencing loose stools you definitely want to turn your focus on improving your gut health.

  4.  You feel like you’re in a funk
    If you feel irritable, anxious, depressed, or you simply have brain fog all the time, then your gut may be the reason why. Poor microbiome makeup can lead to all sorts of mood issues.

  5.  You’ve recently been on antibiotics
    Antibiotics often damage your microbiome (even when they’re necessary to take). You can bring your microbiome back to health, but it will take some time and effort. If you’ve recently been on antibiotics, you need to focus on improving your gut health.

  6.  You eat a lot of sugar
    More of a dessert person, eh? Sugar is food to the bad bacteria in your gut. If you consume a lot of sugar and you’re not feeling well, you may want to cut back and replace sugary foods with high-fiber plant foods.

  7.  You’re sick all the time
    Always getting sick? That’s not normal either. Your microbiome and immune system are closely related to each other. If your microbiome is in poor condition, your immune system will likely be compromised too.

 If you can relate to handful of these signs, then it is time to focus on improving your gut health. The easiest first step you can take is to start with a probiotic, but there are many lifestyle changes you can introduce too.

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