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About BIOHM Testing Kits | Help Center

About BIOHM Testing Kits

BIOHM offers the Gut Test Kit which gives an overall view of the bacteria & fungal strains present in the gut at the time of testing - this will also include an overall measurement of the Candida genus and a more detailed look into two particular Candida species (Candida albicans & Candida tropicalis).

  • BIOHM Gut Test Kit: Test your digestive balance in the convenience of your own home with the BIOHM Gut Test. The BIOHM Gut Test identifies and measures your gut’s important bacteria and fungi levels. You receive a comprehensive report of the microorganisms living in your gut, including
    • A profile of your gut’s bacteria at genus and species levels.
    • A comparison of your results to normal gut levels.
    • Plus, actionable wellness recommendation from a BIOHM microbiome-trained Registered Nutritionists based on your personal results