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Who created BIOHM?

BIOHM was created by Dr. Ghannoum, the preeminent microbiome scientist in the United States. Dr. Ghannoum lectures at institutions, such as the NIH, on the microbiome and his probiotic breakthroughs.

After making the breakthrough discovery that bad bacteria and bad fungus work together to create digestive plaque (a discovery covered globally by outlets such as CBS News, Scientific American, Forbes, and USA Today), Dr. Ghannoum realized that probiotics currently available neither addressed the role fungus plays in the gut, nor digestive plaque. As a result, he created BIOHM to be the first complete probiotic that addresses the gut’s total microbiome.

As the acclaimed scientist who named the Mycobiome (the body’s fungal community), Dr. Ghannoum has spent his entire academic career studying medically important fungi and has received over $25 million in National Institutes of Health funding for his research. He has also raised over $20 million in venture capital for several successful biotechnology companies.

Forbes wrote an article about Dr. Ghannoum's clinical trial, and how BIOHM came about in a very personal way: a mother's letter to Ghannoum, asking if he could help her understand her children's microbiomes (you can read that story HERE).

Dr. Ghannoum has published more than 400 peer-reviewed articles and has been cited 20,000 times by other scientists, with coverage in CBS News, Forbes, Scientific American, USA Today, and ABC News. Dr. Ghannoum lectures to the National Institute of Health (NIH) and has been an NIH-funded researcher since 1993 with $25 million in funding to date.