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About BIOHM and its co-founder, Dr. Ghannoum

BIOHM was created by Dr. Ghannoum, the scientist who named the mycobiome (our body’s fungal community).
He made a ground-breaking discovery that bad bacteria and bad fungus work together to cause digestive issues.  His findings have been hailed as a breakthrough in digestive health, with potential applications for an entire array of digestive issues.
Up until Dr. Ghannoum launched BIOHM microbiome testing only focused on good bacteria, totally ignoring the role fungus plays in our guts. Dr. Ghannoum didn’t think it made sense to ignore the critically important role fungi plans in our digestive health so he created BIOHM, the first and only total microbiome company. BIOHM’s testing products focus on the role both bacteria and fungi play in our gut health.

Dr. Ghannoum has dedicated his life to understanding the role fungus plays in our health and wellness. He’s published more than 400 peer reviewed articles and his work has been cited over 16,000 times by other scientist. He has spent that last several years researching the precise combination of beneficial fungi strains, beneficial bacteria strains and powerful enzymes.