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Has my sample reached the lab?

In general, our timeline for extracting, sequencing and creating your report results is approximately 3-4 weeks.

Samples typically reach the lab within 1-2 weeks of being mailed. To track your samples journey to the lab, please note the tracking number located on your prepaid return address mailer envelope before sending it to the lab.

It can take the lab up 3-4 weeks to complete the DNA extraction and gene sequencing of your sample.

Unregistered Samples

If you mail an unregistered sample to the lab it will NOT be processed. Since BIOHM will have no way of knowing who the sample belongs too, we cannot process any unregistered samples. In the case a sample arrives to the lab unregistered, the sample will be stored to ensure the quality of the sample until registration is complete. To receive the results, you must register your kit, via the online registration portal, at