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How does BIOHM use my personal information?

BIOHM uses your personal information in the following ways:

  1. BIOHM collects Personal Information from you via the form of the online survey to provide a customized and specific personalized wellness recommendation for you.

  2. We use Registration Information to enable your purchase, inform you when your test is available to you, provide you with customer service, manage our Services, and authenticate your website visits and usage. We may also use this information to offer you other products or services or to invite you to participate in specific research projects.

  3. We will never release your individual-level DNA sequencing data and/or Self-Reported Information to a third party

  4. We use Web Behavior Information to track and monitor aggregate usage of our website, for internal R&D, for quality control, to improve our Services, and/or to target advertising for our products and services.

  5. We will not disclose your individual-level Personal Information to any third party, except to our genotyping laboratory and credit card processors.