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Providing your fecal sample

Important: You can provide your sample under varying health circumstances, including while you are pregnant, while you have a cold or the flu, and while you are taking common medications, including those for acid reflux or heartburn.

Common Questions:

Should I stop taking my vitamins and supplements before providing a sample?

This is really a personal preference. If you want to see what your microbiome looks like while you are taking vitamins and supplements then there is no need to stop or alter your routine before collecting your sample.

If you want to see what your microbiome looks like without taking your vitamins and supplements then you can stop taking your supplements and wait 2 weeks before collecting your sample.

What if I am on or just stopped taking antibiotics

In order to give your gut time to recover from the antibiotic usage we recommend waiting 2 weeks from your last dose before collecting your sample.

Steps to provide the best fecal sample:

  • The fecal collection kits are easy to use and detailed instructions are included in each kit.
  • Open your testing kit by peeling the corner of the plastic sleeve and lift the cap off the collection and transport tube.
  • The tip of the swab should ONLY touch the fecal material to avoid contamination.
  • Collect fecal sample by applying swab against used toilet paper until the swab tip is covered with fecal material.
  • Before sealing your swab in the collection tube, ensure the swab tip contains enough fecal material. If the swab looks white, it’s not right.  It should be brown.
  • Insert the swab inside the collection and transport tube until it is securely in place
  • Apply personalized sample identification sticker (located in the clear plastic bag) lengthwise onto the collection and transport tube.
  • Place the collection and transport tube in the clear plastic bag.
  • Place the clear plastic bag into the prepaid return mailer envelope.
  • Seal and mail the prepaid envelope back to the BIOHM’s laboratory for processing.
  • Return your sample by dropping the package off at any US Postal Service Mail Box. The box is already pre-addressed and pre-paid.