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Stick With It: Probiotics Work Best With Consistency

Stick With It: Probiotics Work Best With Consistency

You’ve completed a BIOHM Gut Test or started a new probiotic regimen - congratulations, you’re on the right track to optimizing your gut health! Now that you’ve kickstarted your wellness journey, it’s important to stick with it in order to achieve Total Gut Balance

Unlike getting a haircut or trying on a new outfit, you may not have that “aha, it’s working for me!” moment with your probiotic. Instead, the right probiotic (like BIOHM’s!) will be working behind the scenes to balance good bacteria and good fungi, while also breaking down Digestive Plaque without disrupting your life. Optimal gut health doesn’t happen overnight, but here is how your body might be restoring balance right now:

1-2 Weeks of Taking a BIOHM Probiotic

Your body is being introduced to the good bacteria and good fungi found in BIOHM Probiotics! Consider this the “first date” between your new supplement and your gut. If you’re keeping up with your daily regimen, you’re on the right track - the more consistent you are in taking your probiotic, the quicker your body will accept our powerful ingredients and let them do their job. If you’ve heard the rule “it takes 14 days to form a habit”, this is the perfect example of this theory in action. Keep it up!

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4-6 Weeks of Taking a BIOHM Probiotic

You’ve reached a BIOHM milestone! You’ve moved beyond the first date and into “it’s official” with your probiotic. Our clinical trial showed that after just 4 weeks of taking a BIOHM Probiotic, individuals noticed a change in their gut health. Here’s some of the results from the trial: 

Clinical trial participants who took BIOHM Probiotics had: 

  • A reduction in the abundance of Firmicutis bacterial phylum
    • Firmicutes is associated with obesity, as well as poor sleep. Lower levels of Firmicutes are associated with better health, less inflammation, and better overall gut health.
  • An increase in Ascomycota levels
    • Ascomycota makes up the majority (up to 99%) of a healthy gut. Low levels suggest an imbalance where other fungal phyla are elevated. With higher levels of Ascomycota, your gut is more balanced.
  • A reduction in Zygomycota levels 
    • Elevated levels of Zygomycota have been shown to be negatively and consistently associated with subclinical atherosclerosis. Therefore, a decrease in zygomycota could have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular issues.
  • A significant reduction in the abundance of both Candida and C. albicans 
    • Candida can be a normal part of a healthy gut, but only when it’s in balance with the rest of the microbes! When out of balance or in excess (overgrown), Candida becomes a significant pathogen and can cause lots of nasty problems with digestive health, microbiome function, increased inflammation, and more.

Non-scientific translation: BIOHM is WORKING inside your gut! 

6+ Weeks of Taking a BIOHM Probiotic

Ahhh, you’ve made it six weeks or longer in your journey to achieve Total Gut Balance. Your gut has been balancing for a while and now you’ve graduated to Probiotic Pro. Six weeks may seem long, but in retrospect to the years your gut has been supporting your body, this change is quick

This point in the gut reset process is perhaps the most crucial. You’ve put in the work - now you have to stick with it and maintain all of the goodness that has gone into your gut. As Gut Gurus, we’re here to help you commit to lifelong health and wellness. You can book a wellness consultation with one of our expert Microbiome-Trained Registered Nutritionists, read our Total Gut Balance book, or check out additional BIOHM products to take your daily regimen to new heights! 

Wherever your gut health journey takes you, BIOHM is here to help!

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