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Why Good Bacteria Isn’t Enough (Hint: You Also Need Good Fungus!)

Why Good Bacteria Isn’t Enough

Over the last few years, you’ve probably been hearing more and more about the good and bad bacteria in your body. You’ve also probably read about the microbiome, the community of good and bad organisms that live within us.

But did you know that your body also has good and bad fungus!?

Yep! The community of fungus in our body is called the mycobiome (“Myco” comes from greek, meaning fungus).

In fact, as you can see from the infographic below, your body has several mycobiomes ranging from your mouth and gut to even your lungs.

Microbiome and Good Bacteria

Dr. Ghannoum, the founder of BIOHM, is the scientist who named the mycobiome, and was the first scientist to identify the fungal community in the mouth. (NPR did an interesting story on how Dr. Ghannoum named the mycobiome).

biohm gut quiz

The interesting thing about the fungus in your body, and especially your gut, is that while there are less fungus compared to bacteria, they are actually about ten times bigger in size than bacteria.

gut fungus under an electron microscope - Dr. Ghannoum

The above picture comes from Dr. Ghannoum’s lab at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, where he took pictures of gut fungus on an electron microscope.

That giant circle in the middle is bad fungus. Those little circles around it? Bacteria!

So while basically every probiotic out there only has good bacteria, they’re totally ignoring the role of fungus in our bodies.

It’s not really surprising that fungus hasn’t been a focus in probiotics, because the role of fungus in health and wellness has been overlooked for decades.

In fact, Dr. Ghannoum wrote an article to the scientific community in the prestigious medical journal, The Scientist, showing just how little research was being done on the role of fungus in our body

Dr. Ghannoum’s article received worldwide attention, and really brought to light, just how little the fungus in our body has been studied, when it comes to optimizing our health and wellness.

So next time you hear about the good bacteria in your body, don’t forget about your body’s mycobiome, and the millions of fungus that live in your body!

BIOHM is the first probiotic engineered to combine both good bacteria and good fungi, along with a powerful enzyme to break through the plaque-like protective wall formed by bad bacteria and bad fungi deep within your gut. BIOHM uses a whole microbiome approach to gently maintain balance in your digestive system— helping support your journey to achieve optimal health and wellness from within.

To learn more about BIOHM, click HERE.

Researching the Human Microbiome and Good Bacteria

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