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Happy tummies = happy kids!

Happy tummies = happy kids!

At a young age, a child’s gut can already impact their overall health. A healthy gut is key for maintaining good health and helping kids absorb nutrients. Probiotics are not just for adults, adding probiotics into your child’s diet can offer a ton of potential benefits that can help them develop into healthy and strong adults. 

BIOHM's Kid's Probiotic:

For any food or snack for kids, flavor is SO important. Probiotics for kids should taste pleasant and offer flavors from natural, non-artificial sources. BIOHM created a probiotic that comes in a tasty fruit punch flavor that contains only natural sweeteners. Additionally, it is easy to chew which makes it perfect for children. 

BIOHM's Kid's Probiotic is jam-packed with healthy probiotics that are needed for providing healthy bacteria and fungi, while creating a stronger digestive system.

Included in this product is BIOHM FX, a patent pending blend of 5 billion probiotics, fungi and a digestive enzyme for supporting your child’s digestive health.  The probiotics and fungi included in this blend are the key species that promote health, and the enzyme component aids in breaking down unwanted digestive plaque (also known as biofilms). 

The carefully selected natural ingredients found in BIOHM’s Kid's Probiotic, provides nutrients and antioxidants that may offer the following benefits:

Promote overall good health

There is evidence that probiotics support more than just the gut -- they can impact other parts of the body as well. For example, probiotics can support nutrient absorption in kids, so they get more of the nutrients they need from food. We want to arm our kids with beneficial microbes to help support overall health in kids.

Support the child’s healthy growth and development

Unfortunately, it is not only just our digestive system being affected by what is happening in our guts. Other systems in the body such as the brain, heart, and immune system are affected as well. A healthy and thriving microbiome will give your child the best chance of developing a strong, healthy mind and body. 

Help support a child’s developing immune system

By providing good bacteria and fungi to our bodies we can support our immune system better! When we have too many “bad” microbes that are growing out of control, our gut microbiome is out of balance. The gut microbiome communicates with the immune system. Having a healthy and happy immune system in return can protect the body from the effects of an unbalanced microbiome.

Support digestive health and bowel function 

Probiotics can help kids by supporting healthy elimination and by creating less discomfort for their tummies. Probiotics can help relieve occasional gas, abdominal distension, constipation. Less achy bellies = happier kids. 

If you’re looking for a way to improve your child’s overall health in a meaningful way, BIOHM's Kid's Probiotic is the way to go!

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