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Red and Green Cashew Butter

Red and Green Cashew Butter
Delicious and creamy is the best way to describe this sweet variation of cashew nut butter. This tantalizing butter is great on top of toast, used to dip in sliced apples or to top of your oatmeal.

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Benefits of Cashews

There are so many benefits to cashews; they're rich in nutrients and may help with your overall health. Cashews are low in sugar and rich in fiber, heart-healthy fats, plus plant protein.

You also get the added benefits of coconut oil which is linked to boosting brain function and heart health. Topping this new favorite with a scoop of SUPER GREENS and SUPER REDS and you've loaded this recipe with gut-loving ingredients that will help boost your digestive health while keeping your gut fueled with the needed prebiotics and probiotics to keep your microbiome happy and reinforced.

Quick, easy, and tasty. Go on, make some for yourself or the whole family!

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    Add cashews to a food process and pulse, scraping down the sides as needed. While the machine is running, pour in the melted coconut oil. Keep the process running until smooth.
    Pour half of the cashew butter in a bowl and mix with super greens then add the super reds to the other half. Spread over toast and top with fresh fruit.

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