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Thoughts and advice for living a happy, healthy life.


Avocado Egg Boats

Cutting down on carbs? Don't fret. There are plenty of options for you! ...Like these delicious Avocado Egg Boats! Top them with bacon and red pepper and it's a perfect...

Green Apple Smoothie Bowl

You won’t even believe all the nutrients packed into this Super Greens green apple smoothie bowl. Top with yummy homemade granola and it truly is a breakfast of champions.

Kale & Turkey Meatball Soup

We're loving this Kale & Turkey Meatball Soup! This recipe includes a few simple ingredients added to your favorite bone broth (we recommend Brothmasters) and that's it! You're in for a...

Peanut Butter and Coconut Probiotic Pancakes

This low carb + high healthy fat creation includes a few secret ingredients that will give you an added boost of nutrients + health benefits!

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